When will you restock on wheels?

We restock a few pieces every month so follow us on Instagram for updates on when we restock!


What size are the wheels?

Alpha: 350mm×73mm

Bravo: 350mm×33mm

Casino: 350mm×90mm

*The Redrum versions are the same sizes


What is the bolt pattern of the wheels?

Bolt pattern: 6×70mm

Will your wheels fit my [insert vehicle year, make, model here]?

Our wheels will fit in your car as long as you can find a steering wheel hub adapter that fits your car and our bolt pattern, 6x70mm.

Any tips on keeping up the quality of the suede material?

How long the suede lasts definitely depends on how the wheel is used and taken care of. Suede is a sensitive material and has a lot of maintenance. There are 3 things you can do to help keep your wheel in pristine shape:

1) Our wheels are performance wheels so with that in mind, it would require the use of performance gloves because the oils on our skin will ruin the suede in time.

2) We recommend using a quick release so that you can easily take the wheel off to keep it away from sunlight and heat. The best way to keep the suede looking its best and lasting for a long time is to take it out of your vehicle after each use and storing it inside, away from any heat. Even leaving it in the shade inside your car isn’t the best spot as the heat can warp the suede material. Where you store your wheel is the most important thing to keep the suede life longer.

3) You can also use a suede brush to keep the material from clumping.

Suede care is huge. These 3 things will make all the difference with your wheel. We have many drivers who keep their wheels in pristine shape for years by taking the right care of it.

Do you offer Military or First Responder Discounts?

Yes we do! Please contact us for your discount. And thank you for your service!

What is the difference between the Alpha and the Bravo?

The only differences are in their depth and that the Bravo has slits on the spokes.

What is the difference between the black suede and red suede wheels?

The difference is exactly that — one has black suede and one has red suede. Everything else (their size, bolt pattern, stitching, etc.) are all the same.


Do you guys sell quick releases?

No, we do not sell any quick releases at the moment.


Do you guys offer a re-wrapping service for the suede material? 

No, we currently do not offer this service.

Do you guys sell any horn buttons or delete plates?

Yes, we sell delete plates here and each wheel purchase comes with a horn button included.

Are your steering wheels made in the USA?

Our wheels are designed and engraved in the USA and manufactured in China.


Can I coordinate a local pick up for my order?

No, we currently do not offer local pick ups anymore.